2020/21 has been a time that has seriously tested the limits of our productivity levels, both personally and professionally.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work in the longterm. For some, the long periods of time spent stuck in doors zapped their productivity levels and mental health, leaving…

This post is the first in a series of pieces focused on AI and how we can harness its capabilities and potential to further and optimize our creative practises.

AI and machine learning have been topics of great debate recently, especially around AI’s potential applications and the potential issues faced with its current uses.

It is widely agreed that AI technology has proven itself to be one of the most transformative, door-opening inventions in the history of technology, let…

Combining qualitative research and quantitative research for the best results


This blog provides a basic overview of qualitative and quantitative research tools, outlining their benefits and drawbacks. It goes on to explain how the two can be combined via a qualitative survey.Qualitative vs Quantitative

Qualitative research and quantitative research are different paths that can be taken to answer similar questions…


Brilliant creative work gets perfected in Loops

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