How AI can impact the creative marketing process

Artificial intelligence and creativity

Content, customer engagement, customer experience, customer behavior, etc. are all domains that benefit from the inclusion of AI technology. Businesses that integrate AI methods enjoy deeper insights and more opportunities for growth, assessing gains and losses on the micro scale in order to augment the larger picture.

Artificial intelligence and the human brain

Like AI, the human brain seems to work in mysterious ways to many of us.

System 1 vs. System 2

System 1 and System 2 are alternative terms to what has been called “slow thinking” and “fast thinking” in the past. They were coined by psychologists Keith Stanovich and Richard West in order to describe how the human brain processes stimuli and completes tasks. However, it was Daniel Kahneman who popularized the terms and the theory.

System 1 — AI

AI is the technological equivalent of System 1. Artificial intelligence technology can only do what it has been programmed to do with no additional power being directed to other non-programmed tasks, just as System 1 is able to recognise facial expressions and direct basic tasks without conscious attention.

System 2 — the human brain

In this metaphor, the human brain is System 2. While AI tools work “in the background” on the tedious, mundane tasks, all our attention can be focused on the creative process and generating strategies and content.

The “modern creative process”

Modern marketing efforts require modern solutions, like using machine learning algorithms to improve customer experience or to deliver personalized user journeys. Many companies, like Amazon, are already way ahead, analyzing customer data and digital behavior in order to tailor product purchase suggestions.

Why do we need AI in creative marketing?

Applying AI to data insight

Customer data is vital to the marketing process. Machine learning technologies that can process and analyze customer data in real time offers companies not only deep insights into current consumer behavior and UX, but also into the future.

Applying AI to content marketing

For companies with strong content marketing strategies, using AI in the content creation process can be a great way of shifting some of the workload and creating content more efficiently.

AI tools give you back time and preserve your energy

AI can help you measure marketing effectiveness

Because digital marketing is technology-based, using artificial intelligence to easily analyze any marketing strategy is a given. The big data collected can show companies which channels customers are using the most or least, which ones are collecting the most customer data, how long customers are staying on each channel, etc. All this big data can then inform companies of which traction channels are actually working, and therefore where they should direct their focus. Tools like Automated Creative turns impressions into intelligence.

Loops enables a modern creative process

Data, design thinking, and iteration sit at the heart of Loops, and power our mission to deliver a modern creative process. It’s not rocket science — it’s simply working in an agile way based on consumer insight. This gives you the most valid, supportive, and in depth research to inform creative marketing choices. The AI we use in the mix simply does the heavy lifting of your analysis — it’s not a replacement for your imagination and intuition.

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