How AI can impact work productivity

Work productivity from home

Many flourish in a work environment, their productivity spiking when in a space that requires a professional mindset and has fewer personal distractions. They find it easier to get things done from the office rather than their spare room.

AI and productivity

Previously on our blog, we did a piece about how AI technology impacts the creative marketing process, making the comparison between System 1 and System 2 thinking and the symbiotic relationship between AI tech and creative thinking. The same application works here too.

6 AI tools to increase productivity

We’ve gathered a few AI-powered tools that you and your business can use to help make you increase productivity at work:




Time Doctor



Tips for increasing your work productivity

At the end of the day, our productivity at work is our own responsibility for a majority of the time. It’s up to us to figure out how we work best, and find effective ways to complete our tasks and get the job done.

  • Take breaks. The human brain can only focus for so long before it needs to rest and recharge. Include a 10–15 minute break in your mornings and afternoons to increase your productivity — maybe make a healthy brainfood snack, go take in some fresh air, or search for a quick stretching routine on YouTube to relieve your muscles.
  • Create a to do list. A simple and obvious way to increase your productivity, but an extremely effective one. Split your list up into morning tasks and afternoon tasks to effectively manage your day’s workload. Once you see all your tasks laid out in front of you, you can then figure out where to direct your focus and energy.
  • Remove distractions from your work space to ward off procrastination.
  • Complete small, easy tasks first. When you see how many tasks you’ve ticked off your list, your mind is tricked into believing you’re being more productive and efficient, and works to keep this momentum going.
  • Put your phone away. We’re all guilty of reaching for our phones for a quick fix of social media or to talk to friends in between tasks, but this can make us less productive at work and waste time. Try hiding your phone from sight, and only take it out when you’re on a break or if you really need it. If you can’t see it, you won’t be tempted.



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