Loops’ checklists for agile creative success


Checklist 1: The culture

  1. Is the business actively looking to transform how it delivers creative work, or are you only mildly interested? If you’re not fully bought-in, agile methodologies will feel like extra work and that friction will impact potential.
  2. Are you eager to be significantly faster to market, and speed up decision making? As in three to five times faster?
  3. Is design thinking and consumer centricity high up the leadership agenda? Do senior strategists and creatives genuinely value consumer data and keenly seek to incorporate it into the design process, or is it usually an afterthought?

Checklist 2: Getting sh*t done

  1. Does your team have a ‘just do it’ attitude? As opposed to holding too many meetings that debate everything and anything? Giving your team well defined tasks and setting out exactly what needs to be done can help increase productivity and save time.
  2. Is faster learning more highly valued than crafting and finessing at every step of the creative project? As in, do you buy that “perfect is the enemy of good”?
  3. Are you confident setting tangible goals and trusting the process, but ok with not knowing exactly how things will turn out?

Checklist 3: People & permission

  1. Is there a top-down mandate? Has someone in the C-Suite (ideally the CEO) put their backing behind implementing agile methodology? This is mission critical!
  2. Can you trust those who want to adopt agile creative thinking into their process to do so without any sign off from seniors or clients? Removing blockers is likely to result in more progress rather than problems.
  3. Do you have an internal evangelist, someone relatively senior (and respected) who’s championing all the above and on a mission to make this work?

The watch out!

In summary

If you feel like agile creative development is something your business needs, you can book a free Loops demo here to find out more about how we can make it happen for you.



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