Marketing and the 4 core values of agile thinking

“The Agile Manifesto”

The core values and principles

The four values of agile thinking

#1 — “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”

#2 — “Working software over comprehensive documentation”

#3 — “Customer collaboration over comprehensive negotiations”

#4 — “Responding to change over following a plan”

Agile thinking vs. design thinking

What’s the difference?

The best of both worlds

Implementing agile thinking in marketing

Where can we use it?

The benefits of an agile mindset in marketing

  • Efficient team communication and collaboration (everyone’s on the same page)
  • Increased stakeholder / client satisfaction (they’re brought along on the journey)
  • Lower project risks (errors are caught early and often)
  • Higher team morale (everyone is aligned and clear)
  • Easier project forecasting and predictability (it delivers constant feedback)
  • Higher calibre of final project/product (it seeks to value)

Loops and agile thinking

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Brilliant creative work gets perfected in Loops

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Brilliant creative work gets perfected in Loops

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